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Anti-protest law changes Twitter users' behavior, but not network …

(Phys.org) —With the rise of social media, it is possible to organize public demonstrations on larger scales and in less time than ever before. In response, some governments are trying to decide how to regulate and impede the? ..
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Carbon nanotubes promise improved flame-resistant coating

Gram for gram, the resulting coating confers much greater resistance to ignition and burning than achieved with the brominated flame retardants commonly used to treat soft furnishings today. As important, says Davis, a "protective char layer" forms when the ...
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Concerns expressed over antibiotic resistance in agriculture

The overuse of antibiotics for minor medical conditions (as reported by Digital Journal yesterday) is not the only concern in relation to the rise of antibiotic resistant microbes. Antibiotic resistance is also occurring in fields.
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LeapFrog demonstrates the business case for impact investing …

“We are witnessing the rise of the next billion consumers, and the companies that are able to serve them at scale will be the iconic businesses of the future. Across 11 countries, our companies sell products that benefit more ...
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Micreos Scales Up Anti-Bacterial Platform Through IIG Investment …

Sally Davis, warns that the rise in antibiotic resistant diseases could trigger a national emergency comparable to a catastrophic terrorist attack, pandemic flu or major coastal flooding: “The threat from infections resistant to ...
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Core Economics | Antitrust and state-owned businesses

Government owned businesses operating on an international scale appear to be on the rise. But it is far from clear that western antitrust rules designed for private companies can adequately deal with these businesses .
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Felting, Fulling, or Boiled Wool? | Aptop Computer Repair

Former health proteins fibers just likefor example mohair, angora, alpaca , and several furs can even be Essentially felted. The reason why Solitary pup fibers? Furthermore because they fibers Can draw from a ..
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Do you know your Klout Score? Do you care? Why digital influence …

Klout may not be completely accurate as an indicator of influence as it can be 'gamed' but it is an indicator none the less. To find out more about the rise of digital influence this report by Brian Solis is a must read. The power of ...
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Will You Miss Paper? | Unlimited Priorities

Early in 2012, discussions and announcements are raising everyone's focus towards the rise of digital reading material with a decline in paper based printing. Here are three recent indicators about the move from paper to non-paper.
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Zoe – It's Our Nature : Bird Flu – "Not If But When"

One of the most important in the more developed world is the rise of very large-scale, industrial scale livestock management, farming that involves populations of hundreds of thousands of millions of animals all packed ...
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